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  Growing up I was always creating art. I preferred the creative and artistic activities over regular toys. My talents were encouraged by my family, especially since I grew up in a creative household. Art, dancing and music were a huge part of my upbringing and that has helped me grow into the artist and person that I am today.

  Living in Taylor, Michigan throughout most of my childhood was great since we were so close to Detroit. It has always had an artistic vibe from the old architecture to the sculptures, and of course the music. I have had many influences over the years, in the aforementioned, teachers, professors, and famous artists but the first and most important was, and still is, my mother. She had a studio in our basement when I was growing up and I was able to watch her paint while I would create my own art on my child size table. I would also go with her to art fairs while she sold her pieces and it was then that I saw many people with the same love for art that I had. I was thrilled and inspired.

  Over the years I would study art in school, get involved in groups for young artists and art competitions; even winning an award from the mayor of Taylor when I was 6 for original artwork for the new library. I always thrived in a creative setting and would even feel stifled if I was unable to express myself. I took as many art classes as I could in school and ended up continuing my education at Eastern Michigan University where I earned a BFA as well as status on the Dean’s List. During my enrollment I had pieces showcased on campus, commissioned work from Eagle Crest Gallery and freelanced as an artist/designer whenever I could.

  After college I became familiar with running small businesses which has proved to be invaluable. I also worked for Budweiser as a Graphic/Print Designer where I gained experience doing small to large scale print jobs. I was also learning even more about brand recognition and legalities of advertising. Overall it was a great experience and it led me into what I am still doing today.

  I have been able to combine my love for art and design with my business knowledge and use it to help others who seek assistance with their business or event. I also do artwork for homes and offices where it can be enjoyed every day. I love being able to see a satisfied customer and know that I have been able to help. Most of the work I do is in the Metro Detroit/Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area since I am now in Farmington Hills, MI. When I am not in the office designing I can be found, in my own studio now,  painting and where one can find others watching me like I did my mom.

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