Painting is passion! Everything from quick brushstrokes on abstract art to the methodical process of getting just the right tones and highlights requires a great deal of emotion. My enthusiasm for art in general tends to sneak out onto every piece that I create. I love practicing different methods of painting as well as playing with unique surfaces.

All Paintings & Drawings are available for purchase unless marked otherwise beneath the piece.

“Weeping Willow” watercolor on Arch’s Paper


“Autumn Scene” watercolor on Arch’s Paper



Snarled Woodgrain 3’X4′


“Alienated” Woodgrain 2’X4′



Alice Cooper Wood Grain 2’X4′


Janis Joplin Canvas 4’X3′


“Music In My Bones” 2’X4′ Canvas

“Trumpet Player” Tryptic Canvas 33″X17″ (each 11″X17″)

“Purple Flower” Watercolor 18″X24″


Jerry Garcia Watercolor Paper 2’X3′


Jimi Hendrix Watercolor Paper 3’X2′


Bob Marley Watercolor Paper 10″X12″


Ballet Studio Canvas w/ Appliques 2’X3′

Blue Ballet Waterclor Paper 10″X8″


Ballet Barre Watercolor Paper 10″X12″

“Chocolate” Canvas 24″X18″

Yellow! Canvas 4’X2′

Energy Canvas 3’X2′

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