The begining process for any piece usually starts with a good sketch. I have turned most sketches into large scale artwork but some are powerful enough to stand on their own.

(Some images are blurred to abide by censorship guidelines.)

All Paintings & Drawings are available for purchase unless marked otherwise beneath the piece.

“Multicolored Pencil and Ink Sketch-Jared”

“Multicolored Pencil Sketch-Fred”

“Shoes” Charcoal Dyptic Panel 24″X10″ (each 11″X8 1/2″)

Diner Man Multi-Colored Pencil 8.5″X11″

Botanical Garden Ink/Inkwash 2’X3′

Fantasy Graphite 18″X24″

Tension Graphite 18X24

Panic Graphite 18X24

What Do You See? Graphite 18X24

American Dream Graphite 18″x24″

Male Figure Study Charcoal 18X24

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